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Package Cost - 9,750/- Inclusive of All Taxes Package includes following :

• Deluxe category hotels with three star facilities where ever possible at desired
   destination for three night and four days on twin sharing basis.

• Meal credit of Rs 1000/- to be consumed at the hotel of stay according to menu
   card rates.

• Reimbursement for Railway ticket for two people in upto AC 2 TIER for a journey
   not exceeding 1500 kms per way.

Destination :(you can select any one destination)

Hill Station-Himachal Predesh
Hill Station-Uttrakhand and J & K
Hill Station- Other side of India
National Park
Reservations requests will be restricted for National holidays or Festivals like 2nd October,15th August, 26th January ,Dussehra or Diwali if it makes a long weekend.

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Ques.1 What does the Starter Package include?

Starter Package includes the following:

* Hotel accommodation at desired destination for three nights and four days on twin sharing basis.

* Meal credit worth Rs 1000/- to be consumed at the hotel of stay according to the menu card rates.

* Reimbursement of Railway ticket for two persons in up to AC 2 TIER category for a journey not exceeding 1500 kms per way.

Ques.2 Till when can I avail the benefits of the Starter Package ?

Starter package is valid for maximum one year from the date of Purchase. The journey must be completed before completion of one year from the date of Purchase. Date of purchase is the same as Date Of Invoice.

Ques.3 When can I get my train tickets booked?

You can get your train tickets booked anytime after your date of Invoice(Date of Purchase).Your ticket booking date should not be before your date of Invoice(Date of Purchase)

Ques.4 How many hotel reservation request forms and train refund request forms can be clubbed together?

This is not a Group Package. If any group is found treating the package as a group package, we reserve the right to disqualify the package for that group. Maximum of two hotel Reservation Request forms can be clubbed together and maximum of four persons will be entitled for refund against train package.

Ques.5 What if I purchase Starter package in my firm’s name, who will be entitled for refund ?

In case of firm’s name you must intimate the traveller’s name who will be travelling on behalf of your firm to the scheme co-coordinator within 10 days of purchasing the starter package. In absence of the name intimation, right to avail the package will be forfeited.

Ques.6 What is the process I need to follow to avail the starter package?

Step 1: Decide on the destination you wish to travel.

Step 2: Book your railway tickets.

Step 3: Send the required documents to “Naswiz Holidays” 21 days prior to the date of travel.

Step 4: Receive your confirmation of Hotel booking voucher and food voucher.

Step 5: Enjoy your stay. (Before check out from hotel don't forget to stamp your Railway Ticket Reimbursement (refund) Request Form from Hotel reception.

Step 6 : Within 15 days of the return of your travel Send Original Railway Ticket along with stamped copy of Reimbursement Request Form, for refund by speed post/courier to our office.

Step 7: Receive Railway ticket refund Demand Draft within 10 working days after the scheme coordinator receives your documents.

Ques.7 For the reimbursement formalities can I send scanned copy of the documents?

No, a scanned copy of the documents will not be acceptable. You will have to send the mandatory documents through a reputed courier like Blue Dart, Overnight Express or a Courier Agency having online tracking System, or Speed post.

Ques.8 What if my documents get lost in the courier?

Please maintain the photocopy/ scanned copy of the proper documents sent to the scheme coordinator. Request you to kindly use a reputed courier only. In absence of any communication from the scheme coordinator within 7 days of your sending the documents please call on the helpline number.

Ques.9 Is it mandatory that both the travelers have to be member to avail travel package?

No, only one of the travelers need to be a member, other can be a non member.

Ques.10 Can I transfer the benefits of my membership to any other person?

The travel privilege is only for the member. It is a non transferable package.

Ques.11 Can I plan my trip before I receive my travel package?

It is advised not to plan your trip before you receive your travel package because the request for confirmation of hotel booking must reach us minimum 21 days prior to the date of travel.

Ques.12 What is the Customer Care No. and Email Address of the office?

The customer care no. is 08054568834 and the email address is:

Ques.13 What are the office timings?

The office timings are 10:30 am To 5:30 pm, Monday to Friday.


Ques.14 What is the Documentation required at the time of Hotel booking?

* Duly Filled Booking Request Form in Original mentioning name of the travelers.

* Photocopy of the railway ticket booked.

* Photo Identity Proof of travellers. (e.g. Copy of Driving License etc.)

* Photo copy of Invoice given at the time of Purchase.

Ques.15 When and how will I get the hotel booking voucher?

On receipt of hotel booking request form, you will receive a confirmation call of receipt from our office. within 7 days of receipt, your bookings will be done at the hotel and then the most convenient way to send your voucher will be discussed which will be either courier or E-Mail.

Ques.16 If I take a Starter Package then which star category accommodation will I receive?

The hotels offered are deluxe category hotels with three star facilities, where ever possible. The hotels offered are selected keeping in mind general taste and convenience of travelers.

Ques.17 How and when will I get the Rs. 1000/- (one thousand) Food Voucher?

Once your booking has been confirmed you will receive the confirmation voucher which would instruct the hotel to provide you the food credit worth Rs. 1000/- and the same will be adjusted from your food & beverage bill at the time of check out.

Ques.18 Can this food credit be adjusted against other facilities provided at the hotel like laundry, bar, extra bedding etc.?

Regret this credit is only for the food consumed at the hotel. There is no provision for cash refund or any other adjustment.

Ques.19 What if the hotel does not have a restaurant or room service for food, how will I get my food credit?

In that case the customer can have food at any other restaurant/ hotel at the destination travelled on the travel dates only. The reimbursement of food credit will be given along with the train refund claim.

Ques.20 What if the room in the listed hotel is not available on my requested date of journey?

In the absence of availability of accommodation in the listed hotel, similar category hotel shall be provided.

Ques.21 What the check in and checkout time at the hotel?

General check in time at the hotel is 1400 hrs and check out time is 1200 hrs., in case the train timings do not match i.e. if your train reaches much before 1400 hrs on check in date or your train on check out date is quite late than 1200 hrs then Naswiz Holidays or Scheme Coordinator shall not be responsible for the same. It is the hotel that decides to provide you early check in or late check out

Ques.22 Is it mandatory to eat all the meals at the resort/hotel restaurant?

Additional food above your entitled Rs 1000/- food voucher can be consumed any where you wish to. Food voucher will only be entertained at the hotel/Resort where you are staying.

Ques.23 In case of an extra person what are the conditions and availability of extra bed?

In case of child aged below 8 years. No Extra Charges (accommodation without extra bed shall be provided).

For Adult/child above 8 yrs of age. Extra person charges are applicable as per hotel norms and are to be paid directly to the concerned hotel at the time of check in.

Ques.24 Is there an exclusion period or time when we can not avail this package?

Yes, there is an exclusion period which is mentioned in detail against each destination.

Ques.25 If I have multiple vouchers of the same name or same family can I avail more nights of hotel stay ?

Yes, in case if you wish to club multiple vouchers to avail more room nights maximum of 3 vouchers can be clubbed together.

Ques.26 What is the Hotel Voucher Cancellation Procedure?

The hotel voucher cannot be cancelled.

Ques.27 For any reason if I am not able to use my Confirmed Hotel Voucher, is there any way in which I can rebook the same?

Hotel booking once confirmed cannot be altered or modified. In case the customer does not utilize the booking, no alternate option is offered.

Ques.28 If I avail the international travel package then what facilities will be made available to me? (Air fare, food, accommodation)

If availing international travel package hotel accommodation along with breakfast at the hotel shall be provided no other facility like air fare, railway refund or food voucher is offered.

Ques.29 If a person uses only one/two out of three nights allocated for a hotel stay, will he still receive his reimbursement?

Yes, if a person uses only one/ two nights out of the three nights allocated for a hotel stay he will still receive the reimbursement but he needs to inform that at the time of hotel booking only, however he will not be able to utilize the pending nights in future. But it is mandatory that date of reaching the destination should be equal to check in & date of return journey should be the same as the check out date.

Ques.30 Can I break hotel stay to book two nights at one destination and balance on second destination and avail hotel journey accordingly.?

Regret this is not permitted. Against a single voucher you are entitled for holiday at single place and avail journey only for one destination. You cannot break room nights to avail at two different locations

Ques.31 Are there any hidden charges which one may have to face later on?

There will not be any hidden charges or surprise cost payable by the travel voucher holder.


Ques.32 How to Apply:

* Enjoy your stay. (Before check out from hotel don't forget to stamp your Railway Ticket Reimbursement (refund) Request Form from Hotel reception.

* Within 15 days of the return of your travel send through post/courier the following documents

1. Duly filled Railway Ticket Reimbursement (refund) Request Form (stamped by the hotel where you have stayed.) in original mentioning member’s name.

2. Railway tickets in original.

3. Photocopy of Hotel booking confirmation voucher received from the Company.

* Receive Railway refund Demand Draft within 10 working days after the scheme coordinator receives your documents.

Ques.33 In case I forget to take my Railway Ticket Reimbursement (refund) form to the hotel destination and I am unable to get it stamped, how will I receive my refund? Is there a provision by which office can call up the Hotel destination to confirm the same?

In case you forgot to take your Ticket Reimbursement (refund) form to the hotel destination you need to get the stay completion certificate on the letter head of the hotel from any authorized person at the hotel that you have availed the stay.

Ques.34 In whose name will I get the refund?

Refund will be made in the name of the member only. The Demand draft will be dispatched within 10 working days from the date scheme coordinator receive the ticket reimbursement request form.

Ques.35 Till when can I send the refund claim to the scheme coordinator?

You will have to submit the ticket with all other necessary documents within 15 days, after completion of journey.

Ques.36 Will I be entitled for refund of fare from railway station to the hotel?

No, we do not have any such provisions wherein refund for transportation from railway station to hotel or any other place is made.

Ques.37 What if I wish to take railway journey to 'x' place and hotel accommodation at 'y' place will I get the refund?

No, you will not get the refund if the hotel availed is on one place and the train is booked for the other

Ques.38 What if there is no railway station to the hotel destination where I wish to go or my hometown does not have a railway station?

You will get refund of ticket from the railway station nearest to your home town to the railway station nearest to the hotel of stay.

Ques.39 Can I book ‘via’ ticket to reach the destination or return journey?

The ticket booked has to be for the shortest railway distance between your registered address and hotel booked. Scheme coordinator can reject refund claim if it is not for shortest journey or if the route opted has a halt which is not mandatory.

Ques.40 Can I club multiple packages to increase entitled kilometers for railway refund?

Regret, maximum entitlement for railway refund is 1500 kms per person per way only and it cannot be increased even if you have multiple packages.

Ques.41 What if I do not get ticket in second AC?

The refund will be only for the class of ticket that you have travelled in, with the maximum limit of refund being AC two tier. In case you travel in AC three tier, you will get refund for AC three tier and if you travel in 1st AC refund will only be given of AC two tier.

Ques.42 Does the offer include exclusive trains or special trains?

The offer does not include special trains like - Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Royal Rajasthan on Wheels, Golden Chariot or special/ chartered trains.

Ques.43 Can I avail this package if I wish to take TATKAL ticket?

No, you will not get the claim against tatkal ticket as you need to send the photocopy of the ticket minimum 15 days prior to the journey date however if you get a tatkal ticket against your WL ticket the tatkal charges would not be borne by the company, only the travel ticket (railway) refund for which you are eligible will be made.

Ques.44 In case if ticket does not get confirmed and I reach destination on my own will I still get refund for Train ticket?

In case if train ticket is not availed (journey not made against the train ticket booked) and you reach destination on your own you will not be entitled for railway refund, though you will be able to avail the Hotel stay.

Ques.45 Can I book train tickets with break journey or two or more different trains to complete journey?

Yes, you can book multi trains to reach your desired destination only if it is mandatory to do so. In case if you wish to do break journey maximum gap of 24 hrs between two subsequent trains is permitted.

Ques.46 Can I request for railway ticket refund from place other than the station nearest to my place of stay?

No, refund is provided only for the shortest railway route between the railway station nearest to your home town to the station nearest to the hotel booked. Return journey has to be to the place of origin . For example if you stay at Lucknow and you plan to go to Jaipur and from Jaipur you go to Delhi and then return to Lucknow. You will be refunded only for ticket from lucknow to jaipur and from Jaipur to lucknow. Immaterial of no. of kilometers even if they are less than the entitled 1500 kms per way.

Ques.47 How is the refund amount calculated and is there a maximum limit for the same?

To calculate the refund amount, if journey is more than 1500 kms cost of ticket for two pax need to be divided by kilometers travelled and multiplied by 1500 kms and if it is less than 1500 kms you will get actual refund for the kilometers travelled.

Ques.48 What if the journey I do is for more/less than entitled 1500 kms per way?

You will get refund only for the journey of kilometers that you have travelled with maximum limit of 1500 kms per way i.e. if journey made is only for 1100 kms you will get refund for 1100 kms and if journey made is 1700 kms you will get refund for only 1500 kms.

Ques.49 What if I do not stay at the hotel booked will I still get the refund for railway ticket?

No, you will not get the refund if you do not avail our hotel stay. It is a linked package part completion disqualifies for refund of the ticket cost.

Ques.50 What if I want to extend my stay on my own, will I still get the train refund?

Regret, you will not be entitled for the train refund.

We work on the following formula

Date of reaching the destination = Check In date at the hotel booked by Naswiz Holidays

Date of Return journey = Check out date from the hotel booked by Naswiz Holidays

Ques.51 Will I be entitled for refund if I take a Wait Listed (WL) ticket?

You will be entitled for refund of a WL ticket only in case it gets confirmed or journey is availed against it.

Ques.52 Will I be entitled for refund if I do not travel on the train ticket. submitted to the scheme coordinator or if I travel by some other means?

The claim will be processed if you travel through train only. Before processing the refund the PNR shall be re-confirmed & in case if it is found that it has not been used for travel the scheme coordinator holds the right to forfeit the refund claim. You will not be entitled for train refund if you travel through bus/ car/ flight or some other means of transport.